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Positive Mindset Program - 21 Days of Transformational Journey

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Program Your subconscious mind with ease!

21 Morning Audios + 21 Night audios (Bonus: 6 hours Positive Affirmation)

What is Positive Mindset Program?

The Positive Mindset Program will program your subconscious mind with positivity in all 6 dimensions of your life, Career, Wealth, Spirituality, Health, Relationship, and Personal growth.

This program is a 21-day journey, packed with 60 guided audios for both morning and night. These audios contain visualization practice, guided meditation, techniques, and powerful tasks to bring POSITIVE ATTITUDE as a part of your identity.
A positive outlook will become your dominant vibration.

  • Life will seem more interesting and fun
  • You will become your authentic self
  • You’ll attract wonderful opportunities like a magnet.
  • Your self-esteem increases
  • Wealth and prosperity flows into your life
  • You will start inviting like-minded people

    Program Structure:

    This program is created for early mornings and late night. Why? Because that's when your subconscious mind is wide opened to get programmed. How do we use this opportunity? Just plug in your earphones and listen to these audios morning and night.

    Morning guided audios:

    Every morning you will be blessed with powerful guided audio to lead your day. When you master your morning, you will master your day. These audios will bring you a positive mindset so that your entire day is filled with positivity. Morning guided audio helps you to:

    • Begin your day with Positivity.
    • Program your mind using Gratitude, compassion, visualization, forgiveness, and Positivity.
    • Uplift and nurture your well being
    • Wipeout negative thinking

    Night guided audios:

    In the night guided audio, you will listen to some of the most powerful guided meditations that will take you to the alpha state. The alpha state is the best state to program your subconscious mind. Once you reach there, you will be programmed with positive affirmations. These affirmations program your subconscious to receive positivity in every dimension of your life.

    • Quiet mental chatter
    • Relax your mind and body
    • Drift into high-quality sleep
    • Program your subconscious mind with positivity
    • Relieves depression and helps you to end your day with a calm mindset

    What you'll get with this product?

    You will receive 20 Morning audios+ 21 Night audios. A total of 23 hours is complied into a folder. You can easily transfer it into your phone and use it with ease.

    • 20 Morning audios - 175 minutes
    • 21 Night audios - 866 minutes
    • (Bonus) Health affirmations - 60 minutes
    • (Bonus) Wealth affirmations- 60 minutes
    • (Bonus) Self-love affirmations - 60 minutes
    • (Bonus) Relationship affirmations - 60 minutes
    • (Bonus) Career affirmations - 60 minutes
    • (Bonus) Positive affirmations - 60 minutes
    • Audio Format: Mp3

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