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Positive affirmations

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Program Your Mind While You Sleep to Experience Profound Life Changes

(1 hour affirmation audio with White noise)

  • Every day you become more and more positive and optimistic

  • Blossom into the positive, free, blissful soul you were born to be

  • Embrace a natural, positive approach towards life

It’s no secret that positive thinking is a much healthier choice. It has been proven scientifically in countless studies, and those who practice positive thinking as part of their daily routine are happier. They make better life decisions and, hell, they even sleep better. Besides, it’s a lot nicer to be around them.

Sure, you will still need to face challenges and deal with the problems life throws at you.

But as you’re equipped with a positive approach, you will find better solutions, and you’ll handle the situation with less stress, more optimism, and higher vibrations. Sounds like the right choice, right?

Developing positive thinking is the best gift you can give to yourself. It’s definitely worth the investment – time and energy wise.

The Positive affirmations audio will lead you to adopt healthy patterns that will perfectly serve you to fulfill your goals, dreams and desires. In addition you can:

  • Embrace a natural, positive approach
  • Have a positive interpretation
  • Live happily, joyfully, and healthily
  • Easily spot the good things in life
  • Focus your energy on the good things
  • Vibrate higher frequencies on a daily basis
    • Most of us don’t know that our subconscious mind never takes a break or sleeps. It keeps working all the time, grasping everything around us and focusing even when we are sleeping. We can reprogram the mind for almost anything you want. By listening to affirmations while sleeping, you can change any aspect of your life!
    • The best time to listen is before sleep. Because you feel sleepy and drowsy and your mind is capable of absorbing the affirmations quickly.
    • The most exclusive feature is that every affirmation audio has a white noise background which helps you drift off to sleep effortlessly.
    • The affirmation audio must be played on repeat (In a low comfortable volume) to impress the subconscious mind. Listen/play for 21 days (or longer) to see desired effects.

    Manoj Chenthamarakshan Is the founder of The Positive Store and The Positive School. He is an NLP trainer and coach with over 500+ hours of experience. Author of 3 bestseller books on Amazon. His works have positively impacted over 50,000+ lives in the past 7 years worldwide.

    One glorious morning, Manoj and Sneha were reviewing their learnings from the book "The power of your subconscious mind." While they were sharing their insights, a question popped up in Manoj's head. He asked Sneha, "This book is really amazing to read, but it becomes powerful only when we implement it in our daily lives. So, how are we gonna bridge the gap of knowledge and implementation? How are we gonna put the insights we have got into practice? "

    After tedious research, they concluded that hypnosis and repetition are the best ways to program one's subconscious mind. Also, influencing one's subconscious mind becomes more accessible in an alpha state. Alpha state is nothing but a state where the human brain enters just before sleep. They also acknowledged that through white noise, people can easily drift off to sleep through relaxation.

    With all this research, they crafted this beautiful masterpiece combining positive and powerful affirmations with white noise.

    And tadaaa..

    The Sleep affirmations were born!

    It's simple! The legends like Napoleon Hill, Joseph Murphy, Neville Goddard have been praising the power of our subconscious mind for ages. We hear, read and see people talking about it!! But the results can be achieved only by feeling them and putting them into practice.

    And this tool is gonna help you to influence your subconscious effortlessly. All you need to do is - listen to the sleep affirmations after you hit the bed and drift off to sleep! Rest we will take care! Doesn't it sound cool?

    Over a period of time, you will start noticing excellent opportunities, right people, and joyous occasions in your life.

    Is it a digital product or a physical product?

    This is a digital product. Once you purchase the product, you can instantly download the product.

    Will I get all the audio files once I purchase?

    Yes! We will deliver all the audio files at once. You can start in your own convenience.

    Totally how many audios are there in this product?

    There are 6 audios totally.

    What is the duration of each audio?

    Duration of each audio is 60 mins.

    How many days should I listen to the audios?

    The audios are designed to listen in 21 days. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Avila Sheeba

    Every affirmation was powerful and quality

    Varun Dhaga

    Loved the affirmation audio


    Easily drifted off to sleep!

    Best affirmations

    The audio had a collection of best affirmations

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