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Know Thyself Journal - Digital Version

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Know Thyself Journal is a self-reflective journal to know your true potential!


A journalist asked once a well-known Doctor Albert Schweitzer- "What is wrong with many people today?". The eminent doctor replied, "People simply don’t think". They think they do, but they don’t do it. What he meant was that “Humans generally don’t have a healthy conversation with themselves.”

This is not a standard journal but a set of 99 thought-provoking questions.

With this self-introspection journal, You are one step closer to know yourself deeper to unleash your superpower. You will discover your PURPOSE and PASSION to live your ultimate life.

  • 99 Powerful coaching questions
  • All the pages are hyperlinked for a smooth transition
  • Notes space for self-reflection
  • 100+ HD stickers
  • Adaptable for Goodnotes, Notability, or any PDF annotation app

    Know Thyself PDF
    100+ Classy Stickers

1. Download the PDF and update it into your desired app such as Goodnotes or notability.

2. Kindly elaborate to at least 150-250 words for each question. The majority of questions are powerful when answered in detail.

3. Do it at your own pace. While writing the answers, make sure you take enough time to self-reflect.

4. You can either write on the planner with your stylus or type using a textbox.

5. You can add additional pages by using the thumbnail option to copy and paste individual or several pages.

6. When you feel lost or clueless at any point, revisit this Journal and connect with your calling.

  •  Good Notes
  •   Notability

  • Notes Writer
  • Xodo
  • Noteshelf
  • Other annotation apps (could experience a lack of features such as links not working. That is why we recommend the apps we do)



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Wow! No words

This journal is soooo poweful. I just answered like 10 questions and am like "wow". It is all hidden inside us. I would definetly suggest it to every one. Must try!

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