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I was always intrigued by the idea of planning, and those aesthetic bullet journals always inspired me. But I was just too inconsistent with my bullet journals and felt like changing every month. But then I came across @thepositivestore, and believe me, and they changed my game. The team is filled with positivity. They are so friendly, and I have been just more than happy to work with them. Apart from my youtube, I genuinely use their planner, and the results are in front of you!! I believe supporting such homegrown brands whose purpose is not to make profits but to take the customers' genuine feedback and want their growth is what makes @thepositivestore unique.


Positive Product: The Positive Planner




It's not just a tool or dairy! For me, it helps me to change my life! It changed my habits, and I am motivated towards my goals and dreams. We love this. Our life is changed just because of the positive store... We are very, very happy to be a part of the positive store ....These dreamer diaries really really make our dreams come true......just wowww !!!! Thank-you positive store.

Positive Product: Dream Believe Create Planner




I started with their DREAM BELIEVE CREATE planner & I must say it changed my life. From a procrastinator to an energetic person, I am now able to wake on time, fulfil all my dream goals, daily project work that has been on cease. This motivated me to buy their new planner, i.e. EVOLVE SELF, which is a 90-day planner, includes everything from gratitude to affirmation to habit tracker. The leather, colour & imprints feel so clean, cool, smooth. Also, the pen loop is the cherry on top.

The reason that compelled me to buy this planner is the word itself EVOLVE, which is so important during this pandemic situation - keep growing, make yourself a better version, progress & make your journey a successful one.

Positive Product: Evolve Self Journal




I am a CS (Company secretary) student preparing for exams right now. I am the type of person who used to procrastinate things and didn't have a proper routine. When I started preparing for exams, it was difficult for me to set a daily routine and study for hours.

Then I came across something amazing in an e-commerce platform. It's the 90-day daily planner of the positive store. After getting that planner, it was very easy for me to set a routine and concentrate on studying. I have read somewhere that being grateful for things boosts your Self-esteem and Self confidence. I really didn't believe in that until I got that daily planner. I could see lots of changes in me after using it. Even though it's a small thing which I did, but it has boosted my self-confidence incredibly. I have a 69 days continuous streak. I am really grateful that I have got this daily planner. Thank you, positive store.

Positive Product : Dream Believe Create Planner


My day starts with this @thepositivestore Journal and has really helped me plan my day and set realistic goals in my life.
This has really changed me mentally healthy to keep me on my track. This has given me a beautiful vision!!!


Being a civil service aspirant and a wife, it was very difficult for me to manage my time between studies, household chores, marital responsibilities etc. And when you are doing everything on your own, you are bound to get frustrated. Negativity creeps into your life, and you can't stay motivated all the time.
I came across this 90 days 'evolve self' planner. It has time blocking where I dedicate each hour according to my specific task/goal. The daily gratitude and achievements section keeps me positive for the day ahead. I have also incorporated which I can track through the evolve planner. Overall I am highly content with this newly 'evolved' version of myself. And will keep going to get better every day. Thank you to the entire positive team.
Positive Product: Evolve Self Journal


I've bought a planner from #ThePositiveStore. My experience with the planner is just awesome tbh. This is my first planner. With this planner, what before and after I observed is, I'm trying to know myself better. I could understand my strengths and weakness. It creates an enthusiastic feeling, and mainly I'm staying focused on the present. Day by day, I'm challenging myself. I'm trying to keep all the distractions away. And completing my day with lots of love, success and happiness, celebrating small victories. The tasks were unique, and the design is too good. And finally just wanted to thank you for the amazing service. I would really recommend your services, always provide top quality work. This is something that I've observed is I'm real and authentic always. These small changes mean a lot to me.


From being someone who has never used a planner and was totally procrastinating to being the person who got one to give a try and to see if it works indefinitely have come a long way.
 The Dream Believe Create journal helps me stay on track, get my work done on time, stay motivated, set my priorities straight, and be kind to others. The best part about this journal is that it is undated, so I do not have to worry about missing out on a few dates.


I used The Positive Store's 'Dream Believe Create' planner during the lockdown. He shared how it helped him lead a productive life.
I took an interest in their planners because they came 'undated' and thereby didn't expect the user to follow a daily streak of tasks completed. But while using this planner, I actually ended up making a 67-day streak (yasss!!) which really helped me set a productive pace in life.
The planner also instilled in me a sense of consistency and direction.
Also, I think one could go for this planner just for its "What did I learn today?" section, where I logged many insightful sentences.
I am thankful to the good-hearted folks @thepositivestore for creating this planner.


A goal without a plan is just a wish.
2020 has been a great success for me in terms of my health and my client's health. We were able to achieve our health goals, and I am sure this year again will make it happen. It's easy to set a goal, but it's hard to achieve it. It requires planning, consistency, focus and hard work.
Thank you, @thepositivestore, for this wonderful daily planner to track my goals and stay focused on my daily achievements.
This year again, @thepositivestore tracker, I'll make it happen.


I came across your website near the end of the year 2020 (I wish I could have come across it earlier!), and seriously, I was so fascinated by the unique design and content curation of your planners. The planner is filled with positivity, optimism and warmth. It is a daily reminder of what I need to achieve, what I am grateful for and what I need to do.
If something happens in my life, all I think of in the first place is to note down in my planner, good, bad or whatsoever. I just run and grab my planner and take it all out. I can surely say it's a complete anecdote of my life. It had made so many positive changes in my life. I owe my ease to this planner that holds a lot of my thoughts in it. It truly completes the purpose of what a planner is meant to be, so if you are in a dilemma, I assure you this is the right choice. Thank you for such a beautiful planner.



During the lockdown, I discovered books like The Secret and Magic. It was quite easy to make those books a part of my daily life and make notes in my multiple journals. As soon as I got back to work, I couldn't keep up with the entries I would make daily, and slowly it stopped altogether.


Once I purchased the Dream Believe Create Planner, it became super easy and convenient to go back to doing my daily entries, and everything is in one book on the same page. Now, this journal inspires me to set more goals for my personal growth.



Positive Vibes all day! I've bought two Dream Believe Create Planners six months back and really loved them. I've been using it daily, and these were what I learnt. While I was writing, I feel positive and motivated always.
It doesn't allow my negative thoughts to thrive in my mind and work towards ending some bad habits. Always staying on guard and replacing my negative thoughts with constructive, happy, productive and positive reviews. Finally, with this, I'm learning to master my thoughts, associate myself with happy people, choose to be and stay optimistic, visualize what I want to happen and finally, the most important concentration.


I am a great fan of videos of becoming productive, organized and staying positive. I tried a lot but failed. I tried a journal, To-do list, My planner & My habit tracker. But!! The problem was I will not do it regularly, and finally, I will drop it. I always looked to get a perfect planner to buy, but I didn't like anyone.. so I adjusted with my own. Then one day, in the channel of Titiksha Didi. I got to know about the positive store and their products. I checked everything, including the customer reviews. Finally!! In my life, I agreed to buy a planner. It's Dream Believe Create Planner. I loved the way the planner had been delivered.

I can feel it. Now:
I can control my emotions. I can focus on my studies, and I can deal with difficult situations. I can track my growth. So many things..It helped me a lot.. I am always very excited to write my to-do list and complete it. It inspires me to plan regularly, meditates regularly..My journey of becoming positive is on its way. I changed a lot..becoming better day by day. I am a happy customer. I am so glad and on the path of positivity. Thanks a lot for this change in me.


I am Minha, 20-year-old. I am a student, a small biz owner, a part-time poet, artist and teacher. Since my teens, I was motivated to engage in many activities, and I relished doing them until it became my responsibilities. I desired to live an organised life by managing all my daily chores, including my health.
Then the question that buzzed was how? While my brain was gradually becoming less productive because of my pending tasks and procrastination at its peak. One day I received a surprise parcel. I unboxed it curiously to see this passion planner! The package was from my sister, who always has my back.
This undated planner has all the essential space to track your daily life. From ‘I am grateful for’ to ‘what I learned today, this planner helps me create a productive and positive mindset every day. It also has a ‘rate your day’ circle, including contribution, happiness and growth, which help me self-evaluate and work on what I am weak in. The exercise slot marked my morning and evening walks. The top priority list reminded me of what I have to work hard for.
Every page is beginning with the heading TODAY. Yes, yesterday is all gone. Tomorrow may never come. All I have is today! And I have to work for it.


The book that I purchased from the Positive Store was my first ever book that I bought as a journal. Where I write down daily affirmations, my daily reminders n many more things.
This book definitely made me a positive person. Whenever I sit down to write the affirmations or the things I am grateful for, I always feel thankful for what I have. It helped me keep track of the things I have to do in the day and a place where I could write my short term goals. I personally am very happy to have bought this book.
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