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About Us

We welcome you to The Positive Store!

We are a team of positive enthusiasts with a single mission to make this world a positive and fun place to live. How do we do that? Well, we have just started our engines to spray glitter all around the world. We are kidding, obviously to make this world a better place by creating fun and innovative products to boost productivity and positivity.
We are also NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) experts. We thought, why should productivity be so dull and strict? We thought of bringing some fun to it. We are currently innovating and building new products in our garage. We will make sure to get them into the limelight ASAP. So please stay connected with us on this journey. Follow us on social media!
(No, we don't always sell on social media :D, Just shedding some positivity and laughter during the journey).


Our team




Manoj Chenthamrakshan


Meet the in-house designer of our signature products. He’s a designer for life and is freakingly curious about almost everything on the planet - NLP, graphic designing, photography, healing, fitness and, on a side note, researches alien theory. Pick a conversation with him to figure out who you are and be ready to be contaminated with positivity. 




Sneha Murali


The person who loves to know about people's journey. Jumping from one role to another with a sandwich in hand. Multilingual hooman and, at times, communicates secretly with sign language. You can learn selfless deeds from her free of cost. And she loves finding a positive outlook in any situation, with a smile on her face.


Indraani Ravichandran

Creative Head

The person with a magic wand and who crawls all over the web. She is compassionate to the point that she prefers blowing a mosquito away over swatting it. With her interest jumping from teaching, spirituality, organizing, singing, dancing, and so many other things that her thoughts flow into - she is what you’d call a multipotentiality. To contact her: Shout “Kakawwww” from your balcony.



Amar ramesh

Growth Marketer

The kurta man who carries his lens and captures the light in every being, and turns into a farmer on the weekends. The one who puts the spotlight on unsung heroes lends a ladder to passionate people and brings our nearly-forgotten heritage into the limelight and life, currently on a mission to radiate positivity across the world with The Positive Store.



Latha Premkumar


The person who is packed with love and always has a smile on her face. She touches people by gushing positive energy into everyone’s life. She is the person who loves to surprise you with cute add-ons and the person you can learn perfection from.




The person who delivers the package through rain, thunder, lightning, sun, cyclone, and corona! The person who greets everyone with a smile and makes you smile with something amazing always in hand. We call him, ‘The Positive Man”.



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