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Why should you follow your passion?

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
Why should you follow your passion?

Because there is a reason why you came to this planet with all these abilities. Its your purpose to figure out who you are and what your capabilities are. You have greatness within you which has to be nurtured.

It takes guts to follow your passion. Yes, you read it right. People who follow their passion are so courageous. The first and foremost question arises when you think about your passion is that how could you earn enough money by following your passion?

But the truth is when you start following your passion, you are doing something you love. You resonate with the highest universal power that is love. When you start following your passion things will start into place. You meet like-minded people. People appreciate the work that you do and people start sensing the love which you have towards the passion.

Most people do try to follow their passion but they run out of energy after a while, when they see less or no results. The key is perseverance.

No great invention was made without a touch of love and enthusiasm. Yes, it would take time to see the results but the most successful person living is the one who never quit for what he believed.

I urge you to figure out your passion and start taking necessary steps now...

Live a life you will remember

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