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How to win your Mondays with a simple twist?

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
How to win your Mondays with a simple twist?

Monday blues? Blow your mind

Are you sad that Sunday is getting over? Are you already waiting for the next weekend to come? Are you facing the Monday bloomy blues? We all have been there!

Do read further to blow your mind off!!!

The first

Remember the first time at school? Remember the first time at college? Remember the first time at work?

Wasn't it super exciting? Guess what's more exciting? A majority percentage of such first-time events begin on a Monday!


What makes it so exhausting that over a period of time, the same Monday gets boring, draining out of energy, and the worst of all, a spoilsport for a phenomenal weekend! Monday, is Monday right? Because the days were set so in the calendar. Having accepted that, the meaning you give to your Mondays, makes it motivating or a melodramatic longing for the weekend.

Okay! It's Monday but who said Mondays have to suck? Be a rebel and have a great day anyway.


The best way to blow these blue bloomy Mondays is to be the best! Articles from Forbes suggest to dress up the best on Mondays, sleep early on Sunday so that you can wake up fresh, have a healthy breakfast, and of all, begin your professional time with your favourite music!

What does the store have in mind!

Keep the exciting mode on as though every Monday is your first Monday! Be it school, college, or office! Like how you plan out your agenda as your first step into your first Monday, keep the planning process on! Begin your day with gratitude, visualize your dream goal, and list top 3 priorities for the day. here's a great journal to jumpstart your start of the week. Mondays is a new motivation!

Blow the blues away! Make your Monday, a motivating one, for the day, the week, for your team and, most importantly, for yourself! There is n number of ways to keep the Monday blues off, but remember, it all begins with the meaning you want to give your Monday, the motivation that you want to blow your mind!

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