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How to stay motivated till you reach your goals?

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
How to stay motivated till you reach your goals?

3 Step action:

Yess my friend it all needs 3 steps to keep yourself motivated all the time

1. Write down 10 goals:

I want you to take a piece of paper (not digitally) and write down the exact 10 goals you need to accomplish within a year. Write it in present tense.. as if it has already happened.

Example: I am earning 2000$ per month, I am fit,

Make sure those are positive

2. Visualize

I want you to close your eyes and visualize. Visualize the things that you have written. Be in that state. Experience each bit of it. Enjoy living there. It creates a major impact when you have feelings attached with your goals.

3. Affirmations

“It is not what others say who you are but what you say to yourself”

I want you to pick up a sentence which will boost you. Which literally shifts your mind to take actions.

Example: Yes i can do this, I am not gonna quit, Lets face this

Say these holy words of yours when you feel down. You have to literally say this in order to get pumped up….

Writing down 10 goals and visualizing daily is a gift given by BRIAN TRACY.. Off all these years studying and researching about successful people , He just gave away this powerful tool. I urge you to use them.

We do believe that taking actions will get results, but before that we have to prime ourselves to ensure we are in the right direction. Remember, Speed without clarity in destination would result in chaos.

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