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Learning how to plan your day means harnessing your skills and time to make the most of your resources. 

Plan your day out the night before

Human beings have limited willpower. When you attempt to plan your day in the morning, you deplete your supply of willpower first thing. Why do that to yourself, when you can just as easily plan your day out the night before? By giving yourself a heads up on what tomorrow will look like, you’re mentally prepared the moment you wake up – no need to waste time and energy trying to get focused when your day’s strategy is ready and waiting.

 Plan your day before you turn on the computer

As helpful as technology can be, mastering how to plan your day out is a great time to go analog. Before you turn on any technology, get out a piece of paper and write down what end results would make for a successful day. Next, write down the steps needed to get there. From those steps, select the ones you can realistically get done in a day. By taking a few minutes’ break from the rush of digital information, you’re able to focus calmly on today’s plan of action. 

Embrace ritual

When you’re working on how to plan your day out to reach specific goals, embracing a degree of ritual will provide the structure and discipline you need. Just like any new habit, managing your schedule takes consistency to make it second-nature. Build new habits into your schedule so you’re reminded to follow through on them on a consistent basis. By making new habits ritualistic, you’re able to build patterns that align with your values and priorities.

Make use of time-management technology

To master how to plan your day out, elevate your focus using The Positive Store’s  Positive Planner.Unlike the majority of time management systems, which focus solely on mapping out your to-do list, The Positive store’s Positive Planner takes a holistic approach. You get all the tools you need to get organized and pursue what you truly want out of life right at your fingertips. You get an achievable blueprint for not only how to plan your day but also how to strategize and meet larger life goals. This approach saves you from the busywork of unfocused activity. You get real progress – forward movement toward your passion.

Use chunking to manage your time

When you have too much on your plate, it’s almost impossible to focus on anything, let alone on how to plan your day. The Positive Store’s Positive Planner allows you to prioritize the outcomes you really want in life, then target your time toward those goals. By using the chunking technique, you’re able to set realistic and achievable goals with the resources you have without exhausting yourself. To practice chunking, group similar activities together and group information into bite-sized pieces. Once you start practicing chunking, everything from planning your work day to enjoying your days off becomes more natural.

Don’t be afraid of lists

You don’t want to plan your day around to-do lists, but you do want the activities that end up on your schedule to be goal-oriented. When you go to plan your day out, use it to relieve your stress by putting your thoughts on paper. With a list in place, you’re able to relax and prioritize items that fit with your larger goals and strategy.

Cut yourself off

When you’re planning your workday, give yourself a realistic window of time for each item and cut yourself off at that window. Setting boundaries with your time enables you to focus and rely on the scheduling parameters you set for yourself.

Schedule everything

As tempting as it is to leave personal needs off your calendar, the reality is that, when you get busy, those are the first tasks to get lost in the shuffle. Prioritizing your overall physical, mental and emotional health forms the cornerstone of lasting success. Schedule in everything, from daily meditation to exercise.

Regroup every hour

Set an alarm to ring every hour. When it rings, stand up and stretch to reinvigorate your state. Before getting back to work, ask yourself if that last hour was productive and plan the next hour for maximal results.

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