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How to find meaning in life?

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
How to find meaning in life?

Why am I here? What am I doing on this planet? Am I really worth it? Am I capable of doing it? Am I really the right person? These questions were asked to our parents or caretakers when we were kids. But what if we are asking the same set of questions, but this time, to ourselves? Back then, we were told a simplified answer, because we are loved so much. But now, no matter how much you seek for answers, it confuses you more and more. To a few, it might even become a question of existence (or technically called an existential crisis), the question of identity (or technically called as identity crisis), or a question of purpose (or technically, wait, what does that mean?).

Introductory revelation!

In the Amazon Prime show titled God Friended Me, (a show filled with drama, suspense, love, and meaning) one of the characters is a cancer survivor. Before getting to know that has cancer, she was a person who spoke her heart out, loved her job at the Bar she owns, and also managed with her studies. Very much contented with what she had in her life. But when she detected that lump, it was more of an existential crisis. She was scared; unaware of what lies for her in the near future, yet she wanted to take that leap of faith, of medication. With all prayers and well wishes, she beats cancer. But more than that, she beats that doubt, that hesitation within her to do something that gave purpose to her; that gave meaning to her (okay, and what was that, do go watch the show, we are coming with a good read on our regular series of blogs! Do remember to sign up using your email to our website).

For a few, it takes an incident or an accident to realize. For a few a good read, for a few inspirations from living legendaries. The concept of the meaning of life is like a palindrome statement. It goes by this, ‘The meaning of life is to give life a meaning’.

Confused yet contemplating mind.

Emily Esfahani Smith, a TED speaker, says that the meaning of life consists of four pillars. Belonging, purpose, transcendence, and the last is your story. Unquote her words, she gives various examples of these words. A sense of belonging, a sense of being called yours, family; this belonging helps you get a purpose, let’s say to earn for a living, to study for the soul. To bring about a change in life or the world; such purpose over a period of time might change, like transcending from a student who is studies oriented to a working professional whose mindset is oriented to earn money, purpose keeps changing as you transcend from one stage to another, it is also about becoming aware of such change and accepting the same; and lastly, the story. The sense of belonging, the clarion call of a purpose, transcendence from one stage to the next in line, they are the story you tell to yourself, to the outside world, that story which you believe in.

Stories do sell the product (ha-ha). Stories connect to people, they inspire people. But most of all, it assures you of your thoughts, of your feelings. It gives you perspectives, various trains of thought to ponder upon. It helps you find that answer you have been looking for, for a purpose, for a meaning.

More contemplation, but less confusion

Renowned dictionaries define the term ‘meaning’ as the end, the purpose, or significance of something. Tony Robbins, a life coach, says that there various facts around us. But it is the meaning with what we associate the same to that makes a difference. So, here are a few facts you could relate to. We hope that you find that direction or that path to the answer you are looking for, that significance, that meaning you are associating with.

1. Set goals- Rudyard Kipling in his poem ‘If’ says to make every 60 seconds of your life worth the distance run! You might feel there is so much time available! But when you set a target for yourself, you’ll see how much of your time is being accounted for. In the Amazon show mentioned earlier, another cancer patient has very little time with her. When she gets to know that cancer has come back, more aggressively this time, she decides to make the best of her time! She prepares a bucket list and starts completing them one by one. Dear readers, unlike her, you still have time with you. Get up, make that list, set your goals, and plan out how you would achieve your target.

Ummm... Wondering where to start? Wondering whom to approach? Worry less! Because we have the right product for you! Dream. Believe. Create Digital Planner’. We know that you have suited yourself to technology, and through that, we are reaching out to you! You have to approach yourself for this. And you are your best companion from the word go! This planner is simplified, created by NLP trainers and mentors. It is very much self-guided. Do visit our Amazon page! Well then, now that you are all geared up, hope this first step gets you closer to finding your meaning in life.

2. Clear the clogs- it so happens that the more questions you ask, the more confused you get. At the same time, you decide to keep quiet, the more doubts you get. It is okay to feel that. But not okay to suffer from such draining out thoughts. First things firsts, you have to sit down, let your thoughts flow, become aware of your insecurities and inhibitions, and talk to yourself.


Another question that popped up, is it? Why self-talk, what self-talk? A tangent link to the topic, but do read our previous blog titled ‘5 reasons why self-love is self-discipline’ for more clarity. But coming back to the circle, self-talk helps you become aware of what you feel; it helps you become aware of the truth that might be haunting you. It helps you clear your mind, those thoughts that are clogging the clear picture you are in search of. Yes, it is the clog of fallen trees that make the bridge across the river, but too many of them are going to stop the river flow. The same goes for your search for meaning in your life. Identify those clogs, clear them up.


3. Love- love is the universal feeling, available in abundance, to all! It neither given nor taken. Love is shared. Shared with family, friends, and most importantly with yourself. Wherever love is there, a sense of belonging is there. Like our TED speaker, belonging begins your association with your meaning of life. When you feel belonged, you feel secured and more confident with what you want to do. When you know that your thinking wavelength would widen, giving you better clarity. And there goes the statement apt here, do what you love and love what you do.


Another question is it? What do I do? How do I know what needs to be done? How do I take that decision? Well, most of your job should be made easier with the DBC Planner. But we have another product in store for you. It is the Decision pad. Designed to help you analyze the decision factors and motivates you to take the damn decision. So, once your thoughts are cleared, you’ll start loving your new self more and more! Hope that takes you a couple of steps closer to the meaning of life you want to define!


4. Learning- learning is limited to school, pre-university, under-graduation, to most of you. But learning is a process, it a journey. It is that bridge that will get you closer to your dream goal coming into reality! Sometimes mistakes lead to regrets, leaving you hurt, broken, wounded. It might have been accidental or intentional back then. But now you do realize your mistakes, you also own them. It is time that you forgave yourself. Such an impact might have been caused in your childhood as well. We have a healing step to that as well. Read up the blog 5 lessons to unlearn from childhood.

It is said the experience comes from good decisions, good decisions come from the lessons learnt out of bad decisions. As an outcome, such bad decisions give you a learning curve to perform better. There may or may not be the next time. But you have the gift of the present with you. If the situation is still in hand, then go forth and do the damage control. If not, then do the damage control internally. Because with all your learnings, you’ll be an inspiration to someone!

5. Direction- in a horse race, the horse is made to wear an eye mask. Simply because it sticks to its direction and not be distracted. If the mask is removed, it is set free and goes in any direction that it wants. So goes with life as well. If you don’t follow your dream and set yourself in the right direction, others would choose a way for you, which you may not like.

But which direction do I head in? What direction? Simply head in the direction of your goal, in the direction of your purpose, in the direction of the meaning you are in search of. Even simplified, in the direction your internal compass takes you. Still, wondering how to go about it? You could download our book called a 5-degree shift on our home page. Hopefully, you get some clarity, the direction set. This would help you understand your purpose in more depth, and takes you in the direction of the meaning you now have found for your life.

The Bonus

Climbing the mountain up the ascent, you definitely are pumped with energy! Isn’t it like a workout? As much as you exercise, it is important to give your body some rest, some breathing space. That is the space that would complete this newfound triangle, of purpose and meaning.

6. Breathe the gift- in the animated film, Kung Fu Panda, Master Oogway says, that the past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift. Thus it is called the Present. Dear readers, you might have almost found your purpose and meaning. But it is equally important to live the gift you have earned for yourself! Like love, sharing this bundle of joy, just adds on to your goodwill! There is a different level of satisfaction when you help others. There are ‘n’ numbers of volunteer groups where you can go help. And the receiving hand returns to you a pot full of blessings and well wishes. You have found your purpose, meaning in life, and to complete this triangle, satisfaction. That is your biggest gift. Remember to breathe in it!

The conclusion

For a majority, the purpose of life is happiness, is success. But now we know that there is something more to life. There is something to hold on to. It is that thing that gives you a direction to sail through, to go through and grow through. It is the meaning in life that you associate with, which gives you a wakeup call every morning, to spring into action. To take a step closer to your set target! Go forth and find that meaning in your life! Breathe that purpose!


And yes, do sign up to read more from us! :D

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