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How can I keep a record of my life to be successful?

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
How can I keep a record of my life to be successful?

Hello dear reader!

Planning is a part and parcel of our lives. At the birth, parents and caretakers plan. In the teenage friends make plans. In the mid-age, your spouse plan. And in senile old age, your kids would plan for you. When you as a human life were put onto this planet with a plan, then for sure you might have at least given a thought of what and how your life should be, isn’t it?

The world around always around you, ready to advise, and help you in times of need. Sometimes it even acts as a supportive shoulder. But all you might need then is a listening ear. No matter how much you trust your closed one, or the one in your inner circle after all humanness comes into them some way or the other.

Then what is non-judgemental, who can listen to you, who can read those unsaid lines, and who is it that can read what your emotions and dreams have to say? The human mind may or may not remember everything! But a book written by you, remembers everything. It remembers what you did where, when, how, and why!

But still?

A planner helps you figure out what you need to do in life, and in your day. A diary transformed into a journal keeps a note of what you felt every moment. It is basically like a walking recording camera fixed right upon you! The only pun here is, you have to write down what the boss of your body, the mind, and heart has to say, on a written record!

A planner is that part of your mind which keeps a note of what you need to do at what time. There are various kinds, yearly, monthly, weekly, and the most selling ones, the daily planner! It has numerous benefits and is indeed life-transforming. Here are a few we listed down for you-

1. Management- the triangle value of money and hard work is incomplete without the element of time. Everyone wants to know what happens in the future, but clings on to their past, and not live the present. Such an irony, isn’t it? When you jot down the tasks or activities you have to do for today, you will automatically know which activity needs your time more, and which can be done at a later point of time. Even if you have to juggle between tasks, you will know what is there on your schedule.


With the digitized era of online meetings, courses and classes, few meetings might overlap with each other. At the same time, when you have your time scheduled for the day, you know where to go at what time, and what work to do at that time. Here begins the process of managing time efficiently and your first entry in the planner!


2. Organize- haven’t you felt some uncomforting or irritating feeling when things don’t go the way you want them to go. Or that you have felt muddled when there are too many things on your plate! Wasn’t it better to be organized and have prioritized your time and work? That would have been a productive and fruitful work, wouldn’t it?


Then you are on the right page! A planner could help you organize your day and guide you to prioritize the important things you need to do. As much as a planner helps you keep yourself organized, it also helps you be disciplined when it comes to your work, time, and efficiency! Here comes your next step to organize your life and the second entry in your planner!


3. Stress-free- uncertainty, anxiety, over-thinking all adds on to your stress in-take. Stress in turn would puncture your life, and slowly the positive air within you flows out, leaving you behind like a dead tree. When too many unnecessary, unfocused things interject your work, you lose out on your best ability to perform.


On the other hand, keeping a planner before you, doing the work as planned the previous night or early morning, makes you feel satisfied! The joy of marking a task complete, the joy of putting a tick mark, is unfathomable and gets you charged up and energized to a whole new level on a higher scale! When there is joy and satisfaction, there is no room for stress. There is no room for unwanted thinking! In turn, it actually gets you free time! Maybe you could try coloring then! :P And there comes your third entry of coloring with a free mind.


4. Record- the famous Contracts Act of most of the countries state that the written form of an agreement stands as a valid contract! Okay, too technical. But hey! Doesn’t it stand as a record? If legal matters hold well on paper, then why not your life; your daily tasks; your weekly, monthly or quarterly goals; or for that matter the efforts you have taken towards making your dream project come true!


Your planner acts as a document, as a record for everything that you have done, are doing, and will be doing. Doesn’t it feel good to look back at all the activities you have done? Isn’t it remarkable progress that you have made? And so, here is your fourth entry in the planner! Viola! It also stands as a record!


5. Preparedness- ‘I wish I was prepared for this!’, ‘I wish I knew this was coming!’, ‘Wish I could go back to the past and prepared better!’ These are the common statements most of us make! But there should be some way to at least see something coming on your way, isn’t it?

A planner keeps you prepared. When you observe the tasks on hand for you, you know what needs to be done. When your observation is right, you can easily foresee or anticipate something coming your way. It may be big or small, but your planner has kept it ready for you! There you have the fifth entry as to why you need a planner!

The transformation

A planner keeps a track of what you do every day, or track of your goals. Then what does a diary do? Diary on the same hand listens to every chore of yours like a friend. Over the years, when you start writing down what you feel or what you thought about how your day went, about how any event went, you start talking to yourself, and the diary transforms itself into a journal!

One of the best book when it comes to reading a diary, it is ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’. Reading another person’s diary is like you jumping in excitement like a curious cat! Hope that you don’t kill it! :P When reading another’s diary, or sneak peeking into your friend’s diary, there is some satisfaction you experience, isn’t it? Then why not write for yourself, why not read your own story! Well, if not for anything in the world, there is your diary/journal that you definitely own by yourself! Here are a few thoughts as to why writing a diary is helpful.

1. A better understanding of yourself- to answer questions like, ‘why is my life so complicated!’, ‘why do I face all the troubles!’, ‘What have I done to deserve this!’ needs someone special like you. And a special person like you also needs a non-judgemental, ever-supportive diary to be by your side when you need it!

When you write down your thoughts, your emotions, you become aware of yourself. It releases the stress of your shoulder. A few of you might end up laughing at yourself for what you have written; a few of you might end up crying over it. But by the time you put that last full stop, you would have begun to understand yourself better!


2. Helps you take some harsh decisions- sometimes life throws situations at us that we cannot comprehend. There might be so many instances that you might have wanted to say a ‘no’ but couldn’t. There might be situations that no matter whomever you consult, will ask you to make a decision.

Taking that harsh decision would the toughest. You might want to talk to numerous people, but wouldn’t feel like. The best companion then would be your diary and your pen (it can be a digital one as well!). No one, except for you and your diary knows you better. So when you write down the pros and cons, do the swot and tows analysis when it comes to deciding upon something, you clear all the clogs on your mind, and with all clarity, you will be able to make that harsh decision!


3. Emotional evolution- no matter how much people say they are cold, stone-hearted, deep down, they have a soul. A soul that feels emotions; feels happiness, joy, sadness, anger, deception, denial; feels the process of you becoming a better person every day; a creation that is evolving day by day.

Becoming human is an evolving process. Writing to you is an evolving process. A diary slowly evolves into a journal. A journal is that book where all your emotions, thoughts, reactions, responses are written, to which you are an author. The more you write about what you are going through, the better you become; the stronger you become, and you evolve emotionally as a mature person.


4. Creates memories- the human touch is the most sensitive stimulus. Grapho-therapy believes that when you write it creates brain waves and those are recorded in your mind. It may not appear so in your consciousness, but when you turn the pages back, it definitely feels like de ja Vu!

Of course, you can keep a digital copy of this, but the true essence and the good feel come when you sit down and write. Sometimes your hands might shiver, sometimes letters and numbers dance. But all in all, they just add to the tag line ‘Good old days!’


5. Feels better- when you gossip with your friend or discuss something so brainstorming it feels good, isn’t it? Some is the feeling when you write to yourself! You would be the first one witnessing your life, those events in your life being penned down, being inked to eternity!

It is also a good feeling when you read those pages, when you laugh at yourself, even better when you feel belonged to yourself! It might be the ultimate feeling you would want to experience, but eventually, it starts feeling like home. No matter how worked up you are, no matter how stressed you are, post writing to this diary of yours, it feels better!



Isn’t it a great combination to have a planner to help you plan your day, and a diary to help you reflect your day? Even if it is in a digitized version, you are the first witness to write and read your own words; to observe yourself better than anyone; to see yourself transform as a person who has ze goals set, determined person to achieve your dreams; and a mirror to reflect upon your own actions!

Now that you have figured and are in need of a planner & a diary, go forth and choose one for you. The coming year gift yourself these two combinations, and see the awesomeness bloom within you!

Remember to stay focused, determined, and disciplined to write!

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