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Fall in love with #wfh

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
Fall in love with #wfh

The Big question!

The new normal pandemic has got you to work from home. With the current situation, the top most asked question, “Would work from home extend till 2021?” might be haunting you, isn’t it? Well, we don’t really have a say on this apart from staying home keeping safe. While you do that, it has now become essential to work efficiently from home, to fall in love with the most trending hashtag of #wfh! While you set up your schedule, here are your ready steady tips to get better at working from home!

Ready, steady, gooooo!

1. Be office ready: getting out of bed and waking yourself up all the way till your office must have been a tedious time. But you still got ready to work; you wore that best-looking suit or dress of yours, making you get the office vibes! So why settle with pajamas? It is going to make you feel lazy all the more. Gear up! Get your wardrobe talking. Pull that tie of yours and be ready to get into your workspace!

2. Keep office tools ready: just like how your office culture keeps you disciplined, giving you the work environment, keeping your tools and equipment in place the way you want. Make a separate spot or space at home where you are let free to work. Set up that virtual background on your online conference call. Most important of all, get good quality internet connectivity. Keep all that you need for your work ready, maybe the previous day itself; so that you are good to go the first hour of work.

3. Keep personal and office time-table ready: work from home gives you the liberty to work at your comfort. But juggling between home errands and office calls might drain you out. The best thing to do is to have a to-do list. Set your time-table for work and personal space. Keep your immediate surroundings informed of your work schedule so that external disturbance doesn’t disturb your inner peace.

4. Keep your inspiration steady: more often than not, you might be interrupted with colleagues when you would have just tuned in to your favorite song. But here, it is your cabin, your space, and your music! Bring on that energetic music, plug into that soft song you enjoy, listen to the podcast, or videos that keep you inspired! Doing this just for a day or two would get you along, but doing this every time, always keeps you inspired! That gives two benefits to you- it keeps you and your team inspired and keeps you stress-free. Music makes you feel good, you feel good, meaning your work performance will be good, and if you are satisfied with work, your personal life would also go good, keeping you stress-free!

5. You be ready: working online demands you to not just be physically ready, but mentally also. Accept the fact that working at the office and at home are different. There would be disturbances, but learn to cope up with that. Acceptance will help you deal with the situation a lot much better. With your to-do list set, ticking off those tasks will definitely keep you at the tip of your toe to accomplish your assigned tasks.

The extra mile!

Do you remember how much you wanted to get back home after work? Isn’t it such a blessed feeling to work from home itself? Out in the world, not all are so privileged. While you help those out, and thank your present privilege, here is your bonus read!

Take some break, you dear Teddy: work from home gives you the flexibility of taking breaks in the middle, while you still are at work. It also gives you the flexibility of working hours. So go ahead and utilize that! Your travel time being cut off the schedule, it gives you a few extra hours. Take that time to do that activity you always wanted to. Catch up with an old friend, write your journal, cook that food you love. Do remember to take that break!

The Conclusion.

The big question of how long is this going to go still remains unanswered. Though the situation is unprecedented, you can create that environment at home that keeps you going. The situation will eventually get better. It's just a little patience and a little more acceptance of the situation. We get it, work from home might be getting onto your nerves. But sit back on your comfortable chair, stay motivated, start falling in love with working from home. All that you have to say to yourself is, ready, steady, and gooo!

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