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7 Best Tips to Improve Productivity in 2021

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
7 Best Tips to Improve Productivity in 2021

1. Remember to explain ‘why’
Putting tasks in context can motivate teams to tackle them. Ensure people know how each piece of work will impact the project, how it will benefit the company or customer, and how it can count towards their personal development. The more clued-up your team feels, the more eager they’ll be to get down to work.

2. Think twice before booking meetings
The stats about time wasted in meetings are pretty scary. First of all,don’t have a meeting unless you really need to. When you do, schedule it first thing, have a plan, and don’t invite people who don’t need to be there. At the end, make sure everyone leaves with a list of next steps.

3. Improve time management
Organizing your day effectively doesn’t just help you get more out of it but it can also reduce the productivity-sapping stress of jobs piling up. So, when team members are working remotely, good time management becomes even more critical. If people don’t control their working hours, it can be easy for boundaries to blur, work-life balance to suffer, and productivity to dive.

4. Recognize and reward your team
There’s a link between rewarding a job well done and team productivity. Employees certainly see it that way - according to one survey, 78% of workers say recognition makes them more productive. Rewards and recognition have had to change with the move to remote and hybrid working - you can’t, say, take
someone out for lunch - but they’re just as important. Organizations can use
communication platforms to recognize achievements through team-wide notifications and send rewards like vouchers and gifts to remote and frontline workers.

5. Encourage short, frequent breaks
Working for long hours doesn’t improve productivity. In fact, working for hours on end can fast-track burnout. But taking regular breaks from desks or workstations can help people feel refreshed and clear their minds. It can also help avoid the problems that desk workers can face, especially when working from home. Taking regular lunch breaks will help teams recharge their batteries too. Find ways to make this your policy, and find ways to remind people about it regularly.

6. Automate where you can
Technology has never been more efficient or more readily available – so why waste time on tasks that could be taken care of by artificial intelligence or automation software? A small investment in automation today could free up time and resources, helping people concentrate on more interesting, valuable and rewarding work.

7. Delegate efficiently and work collaboratively
If there is an uneven spread of work across your team, it’s time to redress the balance. Ensure you have visibility of team members’ workloads and empower people to delegate tasks when they need to. Set an example by delegating your work, too. Not only is this a great way to improve personal productivity, but it can also empower other team members to become more productive and more collaborative.

Final Thoughts:
Increased productivity means having lesser stress, higher revenue, and a
happier environment in your life. To improve productivity is an important metric to focus on, and by minimizing distractions, you can be effective and that helps in getting things done.

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