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5 valuable lessons that webinars have taught

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
5 valuable lessons that webinars have taught

The onset.

Being shut in 4 walls, benefitted two sets of personnel - the trainers, because they skyrocketed taking online webinars; and the trainees, who made most of their time attending these webinars. Well Gen Y and Z somehow made it through YouTube channels and platforms like Zoom, Google meets, or Cisco Webex. But the actual relearning process happened with Gen X!


Remember how irritated you got when your parents or grandparents asked you to set-up a video call for them; or when they had to be walked through while attending an online meeting? It really got onto your nerves when you had to re-explain over and again the same thing the 100th time, while you were busy occupied in an office meeting or an online class, didn’t it?


Well, it is said that ‘life doesn’t give you things that you can’t handle.’ If you were able to explain and re-explain, kudos to you! The title of ‘Person with the most amount of Patience’ goes to you! In case you failed, worry less, you just got wiser with these learnings we were able to identify for you. Hope this brings you the reflections you’ve been longing for, and some insights to pass onto your kids; Gen Z

1. Acceptance- elders stand strong with their ego, and often say that they know better than you (tell us when hasn’t your parents or grandparents haven’t used this against your bubbling idea!). The pandemic lockdown indeed turned the tables around. They for once accepted that they didn’t know about conference meetings and applications. Doesn’t that strike to your mind, that accepting the fact that you don’t know, opens so much space for learning and teaching without any inhibition or insecurity?

2. Curiosity to learn- despite their age, Gen X is always curious to learn, especially on using their newly gifted smartphones, iPads, and during this time conference calls and meetings. It is so striking that they carry the same curiosity to learn how to mute and unmute every time you teach them. Doesn’t curiosity excite you? Doesn’t it stir that spirit in you to learn and relearn?

3. Value addition- with so much going on around, it is time that you sit back and reflect upon how much value is actually being added. Be that of IoT, AI, or that of Lifestyle, Public Speaking, Health-related, or for that matter developments in various sectors of walk like legal, science, philosophy, etc. sometimes it is an overload of information. But what is so different in this? Everyone watches videos and reads blogs. Gen X makes the first move, come sit with you and tell you what they learned (even though you might already know :P). Isn’t it wonderful that they share their values, their learnings from all these webinars just like a story is being narrated?

4. Patience- snapping at your parents and grandparents is the first thing that might come to your mind when they keep asking you the same old question. It is very much irritating. Over a period of time you might have realized that at some point in time, they stop asking. Maybe that is when you actually cool down and observe that they now know how to operate that darn gift you gave them on their birthday. Yes, your gift they value the most, and would probably go out telling about that to the entire world! Because that is a celebration for them. But have you really taken that time off your schedule to sit down with them and help them figure out how to use it? Have you developed that patience?

5. Acknowledgment- it is said that answers are in abundance, it is all about asking the right question. And with parents and grandparents, it is the repeat mode on! Same question, same situation, but every time you answer, they thank you for helping out. We all want to say and do good, but end up doing the opposite. In your childhood, when you asked those unlimited questions, no matter how tired they were, they still answered and even encouraged you to ask more. Isn’t it time for you to acknowledge their curiously questioned mind seeking for answers?

The Bonus.

You might have screamed at your parents because they might act irrationally at times. You might be upset with them for a long period of time. But they just simply forgive you, for they understand your situation and how important it is to keep supporting you, if not monetarily, but morally. Your bonus reflection with this blog is forgiveness. Parents and grandparents forgive you almost instantly, sometimes might delay, so that you realize your mistake. They do so because of unconditional love. Don’t you think that it is this universal message you have to start acting upon and pass on to the next generation?

The Conclusion.

The internet out there is flooded with webinars on topics of lifestyle, marketing, health, social media. But your parents and grandparents were the first ones you asked questions in your childhood. So goes with your kids as well. When they answered your questions without any irritation, but only with unconditional love, don’t you think you should answer their questions with the same love and a bit more respect? So, Think… Reflect… Act on it!

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