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5 Things Woman looks out for in a Man!

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
5 Things Woman looks out for in a Man!

The first thing

Growing up listening to fairy-tales seemed so magical, isn’t it? The Princess dreaming about a perfect Prince, everything sounds so musical! By human nature, we do carry a bit of this trait when it comes to noticing the other set of human species, men. Well, you may or may not believe in love at first sight, seeing a man at first sight and making all possible calculations to tick mark that satisfying category, we bet you have done that (and might continue to do so as well). To all those who dress up funky, why would you sneak peek when these 5 are the most looked for?


The five things

1. Looks- the clichéd proverb, 'Don't judge a book by its cover' somehow fails to make its point here. It might be the jaw-line cut, the beard, the eyebrows, the eyes, a face tells a lot of stories, and radiates the good or bad vibes. The first impression definitely goes to this. So remember to be groomed and neatly dressed. You might want to spray some perfume as well. When you dress up well, you will feel good, and would automatically look good!

2. Body language- non-verbal communications talk much louder than that mesmerizing voice. Body postures, hand gestures they all describe how much the opposite gender is comfortable with a man. Be mindful when you use them. Avoid crossing your arms, or putting them in your pockets. It blocks the connection of communication. Hello! It does not mean you spread your arms and pose romantically (that definitely is a bold step though). You might want to keep your arms by your side, and listen attentively!

3. Humour- smile and laughter are said to be the classic ice-breaker. Women tend to not just win their first impression but also continue a constructive conversation. It also lightens the mood and would help you understand the wave-length of thoughts. It also creates that comfort space.

4. Mannerism- being courteous, having chivalry, and showing respect. These are the three most sought by a woman. With these you humbleness and warmth. With these, you show that a woman's soul and spirit is as free as a bird's is, deserving every amount of gratitude, love, and respect. Of course, any person would love to be treated with humbleness and softness. It is more like giving her own space and at the same time respecting that.

5. Company- a spoilt apple spoils the rest of the apples. Likewise your company of friends matter. It's not just the trust you would build with a lady, but it would also be with your set of companies. If that trust is there, you don't have to explain your friendship. The sense of belongingness is not just with you, but your friends and work circle as well.



Handshake- a firm handshake shows confidence, strength, and firmness. Just a short 2-3 seconds firm handshake can tell what your persona is. The next time, dear men, remember to keep it just enough. You don’t have to shake your hands continuously or with feebleness. However, in this time of the pandemic, remember to sanitize or wash your hands with soap carefully!



Women need that supportive shoulder and the listening ear who would understand what they are going through. Sometimes they are expressive, sometimes cranky, and sometimes it is the emotions talking. All they need is to be heard and walked through to clear their minds from the troubling thoughts. They love being a part of intellectual conversations. Do remember to engage and discuss such conversations with them.

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