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5 skills to learn in lock down

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
5 skills to learn in lock down

By the time we get to write this blog, most of the countries across the world have started to unlock their restrictions. But let's focus on the lockdown learnings. Each of you reading this, have now by far taken up a handful of activities to keep yourself occupied in the lockdown.

Keep it going

However, here is a question for you. The concept of lockdown was indeed a new one, hence most of the activities taken up were out of excitement. But how many of you took it up with an aim to continue, with an aim to inculcate into your routine?

Still thinking, is it? Here's a list of skills that you already have learned in the initial lockdown which you can continue pursuing and somewhere fit into the routine of your new normal.

5 things to keep learning

  1. Cooking - fast food was the first fall back when your tummy grumbles, wasn't it? If you learned the art of cutting vegetables, you've also mastered the art of necessity cooking. Shops being closed, your kitchen would have been super happy! Let the freshness bloom there. If weekdays are difficult, then keep that weekend for brunch that you would prepare. Let the art you learned when you had time, continue. Let that scrumptious meal be prepared by you!

  2. Gardening - for the first time you might have keenly heard the birds chirping. It was surprising to see animals roam on the roads without any traffic (pun intended) fear! What better remedy it is to get talking to mother earth! Planting that small sapling, watering it every day, talking to it, you did get a new friend didn't you? You took up that responsibility then, now it's time to act responsibly.

  3. Creativity- pre-COVID-19 lockdown routine was quite monotonous. Can't agree more, can you? Well, the red signal did get back on to your toes to get creative! Neighbors playing table tennis by the window, sketch pens running out of ink, the explosion of software applications to keep you connected through the internet, online meetings, and what not! A lot more happened sitting back at home, at your comfort. Creativity just exploded! Do remember to keep this fire glowing.

  4. Digital diaspora- a lot of studies says that the future lies in the digital platform, answers lie on the internet of things, and the progress to that lies in the present. Keep that curiosity to learn more. Every day there's development, advancement. Just like keeping your updates, you'll have to sync along with the software upgrades!

  5. Exercise- fitness and yoga videos and write-ups topped the list. But it's the last here because as soon as one steps out for a 9 - 5 run, exercise is dropped off. Go fall in love with the workout you do. Remember to spare that half an hour of your day just for your body and mental health. No matter how much monetary value you earn, if you don't make it with good health, all your efforts might drain down. Come on! Keep going! Just that one last push up! You are already acing it!


What seemed unplanned, gave you a good deal of rejuvenation. Hmm… You definitely get to read a bonus for you have worked phenomenally during this lockdown!

Passion - didn't you meet your long-lost love during this time of detour? For a few, it might be painting, for a few, it might be dancing (these are the ones I found back ;)). You know yourself much better, and while you are reading this, your passion must be pushing you to pursue the same. Of course, your work, your education definitely matters the most. At the same time, doing what you love, what your passion calls you to do, is soul-soothing!!! In that darn time-table of yours, do remember to make sufficient time to refresh and refill the positive energy to this beautiful soul of yours!

The Conclusion

2020 indeed has been a year of detour, a year of getting back to those activities you've been longing to do, a year of learning from a screen, a year of reconciliation, a year of repair that we all needed. Now imagine had you gotten your limb fractured, post-recovery, you would take extra care. The same analogy applies here. Sitting back at home has helped the surroundings within and around you heal. Now it's time to take extra care of that repair!

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