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5 Simple ways to get rid of Anxiety

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
5 Simple ways to get rid of Anxiety

Why is it important to be in the present moment?

Because the only control we have is over the present moment, this second is all that you have, and you will have to change something in here to affect the future.

But it is not simple to shift the mind from worry to calm. There are several ways to bring yourself into the present moment here are a few of them.

  1. Conscious Breathing - As you consciously breathe for less than 2 minutes, your mind would get focused on the present moment. Erasing the worry in mind.
  2. Blend with nature - You don’t have to go to the forest to experience nature. It is all around us, Go for a walk or just gaze at a tree or pet a dog. You could do any of these to reconnect. The reason why nature helps us to be mindful is that, unlike humans, all the other living beings are completely submerged in the present moment.
  3. Music - Music helps a person to become relaxed. From the ancient period, this art has evolved into various different forms now. It’s advised to listen to calm music like Tibetian bamboo flute, Binaural beats Power nap.
  4. Become the listener - When you become the listener, the chatter inside your head stops. When you do this, you no longer give control to the chattering mind. Fix a spot in your workspace to look at, Once you feel overwhelmed with anxiety focus on a particular spot and just become the listener.
  5. Colouring -  Who said coloring is for kids? Corporates are using coloring posters to reduce the office stress and also become productive. Not every one could meditate easily at the begining. Coloring is the best way to bring yourself into this present moment and also awaken your inner child. Through coloring you release your emtions which helps you in clearing your mind and think clearly. Here are some colouring posters available at our website.

Have a great day. Keep coloring keep smiling :)



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