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5 reasons why you should dream big!

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
5 reasons why you should dream big!

By any chance, if you get to meet this TV Character, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, from the Big Bang Theory series, and get a chance to ask him, what does he dream of? I'm sure this would be his answer,

"I dream of a future that has technological advancements, that we meet alien life; and have that time machine in my room so that from the future I can guide my present!" Rationally irrational. You'll find every possible reason to think that this character is out of our bandwidth to understand (he indeed is), but he does make a point, doesn’t he? He is a visionary, a thinker of the future, and most of all, a dreamer.

Much to Dr. Cooper's dream being a dream, at the time of conceiving the dream, it sounded irrational. But now, there are various trips all the way up to Mars in search of life! Here at the Positive Store, we are decoding this dreamer's approach, and are in hope that you find your reasons why you should Dream BIG!

The 5 Whys.

  1. The alpha lead - more often than not, we are tuned to hearing what the others want us to do. A few even fall into the trap of a third person wanting us to do this. Having a dream of your own gives you the ability to do what you want. Because you are the one who is leading your life!

  2. Becoming a better version of yourself - being told what needs to be done is a robotic life. Now, you think would you want to be a robot or that who controls the robot! Having a dream of your own, gets you going, keeps you motivated, transforming you into a version that one would want to look up to.

  3. The Magnet effect - with a big dream, with a big action onboard, you build your contacts and the work opportunity. With a bigger dream in action, you attract more opportunities that lead you to accomplish more and more!

  4. Self-financing - inheriting a bigger asset value from the previous generation is a relaxed life. But what about the thrust to do something by yourself? What about that goal of doing something worthwhile by yourself, that you can own with all the pride? Dear readers, that is the fuel which is filled by having a big dream!

  5. Being the change-maker - from various self-motivating mantras we know that change doesn't come to us, instead, we bring that change. And that is possible when you have a visual in mind as to what change in the system you want to bring. It all begins with trust in your dream!

The bonus - the world lives your dream

Which is nothing but serving the bigger purpose of making mankind a better being? No talk about Dream goes without mentioning Martin Luther King Jr. His very statement of 'I have a Dream.' was a vision, was a clarion call for the biggest change the world needed. The same goes for various visionaries like Walt Disney, Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, and many more.

The conclusion.

Hope that reading almost 500 words has given you a visual of why it's important for you to dream, dream big, and act towards the dream! Along with having a dream in mind, it's equally important that it's written down on a planner!

Now that you have found your purpose of a visionary, of a thinker of the future, of a dream, remember to act on it now!

Go write down your dream!

Go act on your dream!

Go Dominate your Dream!

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