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5 reasons why colors are important in your life!

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
5 reasons why colors are important in your life!

The first ray

Color, color, which color do I choose? Isn’t this the most frequently asked question to yourself? For instance, when you go shopping for a new dress, when you have to choose curtains for your home, when you have to choose the wall color for your house renovation, or when you are confused to the core with the same shade color? You are not alone on this boat of confusion. (Wonder what color confusion depicts!)

Colors portray emotions! They are the blooming flowers, they are the twinkling stars. Colors are like a combination of dance, music, and rhythm. Colors run throughout your mind, body, and soul. We are here to decipher some elements of colors, and what key-factor does it play in your lives!

The 5 reasons

For sure you would be aware that the white light splits into 7 rainbow colors! But isn’t it thought-provoking to know that we see different colors, because any object for that matter absorbs a particular set of wavelengths and reflects that color whose wavelength it can’t. For example, the grass color is green, because it reflects green! (Wonder what the pallet of paints reflects!) So, here are the set of 5 reasons we could reflect upon as to why colors are important!

1. Color vivifies - black and white are definitely colors. In fact,, the theme colors of most social media websites are either white or black. (of course, the dark theme is sober and more pleasant to your eyes.) But when was the last time you experimented with colors? You don’t have to wear bling to look colorful. You being happy, you being content adds a lot of color to your life. It just vivifies the right amount of self-motivation that is required!

2. Color absorbs energy - there are various myths associated with the color black. Out of co-incidental imagination, evil is associated with the color black. Isn’t that strange? Simply because the color black absorbs energy. There is no giving back. There are a lot of occasions where wearing black is the protocol. Respecting those thoughts, what if you wear black where the environment is filled with positivity, you absorb a good deal of energy. You know this magic now, do go ahead and enlighten your friend who loves wearing black!

3. Color radiates energy - hands down, the popular answer is that opposite of black is white. If black absorbs energy, white reflects energy. Maybe that is why it is advised to wear white and light in summer. Have you also noticed that most spiritual leaders choose to wear white? The logic that we understand is to emanate knowledge and reflect positivity. So the next time you are in a spiritual mode, you know which color to grab onto!

4. Coloring rejuvenates you - if colors can create so much of a positive vibe, then imagine how much positivity and happiness would getting those colors on pen and paper or on digital notepad bring in? It is said that coloring is like therapy. it reflects your moods and emotions. It also helps you clear the clog in your thoughts. So go ahead and pick those colors and start coloring!

5. Color is every day’s birthday - the last time you had to pull up a birthday party, we bet that you chose all vibrant colors and made the celebrations reverberate with happiness. Then why not celebrate every day? You need not pull out a party per se. But adding one element of celebration of life, of making it colorful, colorful for yourself is going to fill your life with so much positivity! When it can be colorful, why just stick to black and white?

The bonus color!

In a rainbow, there are seven colors. But we believe that you, our dear reader is our 8th color! For this, you for sure get an extra color!

6. Color aura - it is not the skin, but it is the color that you carry with yourself that matters. the color of your personality, thinking pattern, ability to face challenges, curiosity to learn, humbleness to help others, how you respect an opposing factor, and for some, how much you value the people in your life and what you could do for then. Sometimes the money factor also shows your color. Among the vibrant colors, go choose your aura!

Wanting for an even better option? Design and color your own aura! Be that inspirational aura that you’ve been looking up to! Go color that life you are in charge of!

(Oh! Wait… Read the conclusion and then grab your colors! :P)

The conclusion.

There are n number of websites that talk about color and its significance. To sum up for your reference-

Red - it is vibrant with energy. Symbolizes power, love, action, confidence, anger

Orange - it is peaceful and calm. Symbolizes warmth, maturity

Yellow - it is bright and blooming. Symbolizes optimism, happiness

Green - it is pleasant and cool. Symbolizes environment, growth, harmony

Blue - it is vast and divine. Symbolizes calmness, integrity, trust

Indigo - it is magnanimous. Symbolizes magic, luxury

Violet - it is strong and mystic. Symbolizes wisdom, justice.

There you go, you have the colors and the significant energies associated with it. Although you are the artist of your own life. You have every creativity in you to define the color you love, to define the aura you carry with you. Pick up those pens and brushes, and begin with where you always begin…

Color, color which color do I choose?

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