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5 lessons that lock down taught us

Posted by manoj chenthamarakshan on
5 lessons that lock down taught us

By the time the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 as a pandemic, most of the countries had formulated their plans to impose lockdown. The internet was inundated with information on the disease statistics, measures taken, and of course, legal elements.



However, the top most searched on Google was how to plan out this lock down. A lot of you resorted to the books laid down on the back of the shelf, got back to working out, entered the kitchen for the first time (willingly) to be self experimented with a variety of food and baking, while a few also got more hooked on to online courses and Internships.


While you have been busy self-helping yourself, we listed down these 5 observations that would make you aware and proud of how far you have come. In fact, it has been training you to accept this global change. Now take a bit or sip of that wonderful dish or coffee that you have prepared and continue reading!


The 5 What's!

(That mere word itself jolted you with power, didn't it?)


1. Time - huffing and puffing between work/college/school and home hardly let you have any time for yourself or your family. But staying back at home, got you covered on what you missed. It even gave you enough time to work on your health (mental health as well) and your relations

2. Reconnection - after that 30 mins exercise didn't you feel good? After that call with your mum for her classic recipe taught you that you can cook without any obligation to do so, didn't it? That more than one hour call with your long-lost friend refreshed your memories and made you laugh your gut out. True right? Kudos to this reconnection that we realized the value of breathing this body, the value of family being your back, and that most cherished friendship that got you through and through till date

3. Acquaintance - yes, of course, we miss doing offline Meetings or classes. But hasn't that given you an opportunity to find out your neighbors?! Caution is taken to keep yourself safe and your neighborhood has made you aware of your surroundings. Seeing the roads empty but the corridors open to interact through windows has definitely helped you finally interact with your neighbor!

4. Integrity - to a lot of you, lockdown started getting on the nerves, especially when the excitement of doing a lot of experiments at and from home started sounding more like a routine. But hey! You made it! The new habit that you cultivated, or that that you brought back to your to-do list, you continued doing (might have cheated a bit). Accepted the same as a new normal and increased the value of integrity within you.

5. Netizenship - out-break of the Internet has made us citizens of a global platform calling each one of us as Netizens. There might have been 'n' number of excuses you would have given yourself to not take up that online course, to not make that video call. But the new normal is run by the name Internet with various applications and modus operandi at work or educational institutions. The best part, it even made you teachers by letting you help your parents, colleagues, and friends with video calls and online meetings. At the same time, it has made you conscious of making use of the Internet wisely and surfing the net securely.


The extra bite!

Kudos on finishing that plate of yours or that coffee mug by reading all the way up here. For that, here is your bonus!

Awareness - haven't you experienced this? You get your food, eat it, but really realize what have you eaten, how blessed are you to eat, and get nourished the same? Self-retrospection has made you aware of your present. It has gotten you brave to face the upcoming days. It's definitely the time to get yourself that extra share you always longed for. ;)


The conclusion.

Doing anything for the first time is always exciting. But it's equally important to sustain the same throughout. Becoming aware of these values has trained you to be prepared for the new normal! So keep that excitement going! Wake up and get out of the bed with the same excitement as though it's the first day of lockdown. Keep doing those small things that you missed out on. You come all way long, this far. When the world gets back to its new routine, do remember to share how far have you come!

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